WOW! Woodland Elementary School has been hit by a tidal wave of enthusiasm for art! The name of that tidal wave is Caran Fahy! I have been teaching at Woodland Elementary for 23 years and never seen anything like this before. I am the speech pathologist at Woodland and, although I do not have a traditional classroom set up, I work with a large group of students in all grades and all of the teachers on staff.

When Mrs. Fahy began her programs here to facilitate enthusiasm and a love of art, the school was electrified! Each day I would hear excited students describing the projects on the playground and in the classes. The teachers were thrilled and amazed at what their students were actually producing. Each day an excited and out of breath Mrs. Fahy would burst on the scene with something new and wonderful!

The projects that she facilitated were put on display for all to see. Each of us stared in amazement at the true works of art! Each one was unique and fabulous. Our entire school has definitely been ignited with a love of art, thanks to Mrs. Fahy!

Brenda Shirley
Speech/Language Pathologist
Woodland Elementary
Costa Mesa

Hi Caran, I spoke to you at the Kaiser Carnival on Saturday and wanted to follow-up with an email to let you know how much our Kindergarten son, Alec, loved the art Fridays you organized at Woodland at recess in March. He enjoyed telling me about the time he spent at the art tables, and of course he loved showing me his creations. He also talked excitedly about his friends, and the art they created as well. Our son is a huge recess guy, loves sports and running around. It made me so happy that he willingly chose to participate in the art activities you organized. It warms my heart when I think of the wonderful opportunity you provided for those students who do not enjoy an active recess time, and who struggle with the social aspects of the playground. Thanks so much for providing a safe environment for all kids to enjoy and create art during their free-time at school. I was so impressed!


Laurie Rooney
Woodland Parent

Caran Fahy, you are 100% amazing! Thanks for ALL you do for our schools! We LOVE art at Woodland! I support the arts...

Stephanie Baldikoski
Second Grade Teacher, Woodland Elementary

Caran, you are amazing. That art space with you in it is SO creative. The students were very happy to be there and so was their teacher!

Nancy Deline
Retired Second Grade Teacher, Woodland Elementary

Caran! What a wonderful display of a variety of art genres you helped our school put together! The students were excited to see their art come alive on our canvas! Sign me up for some prints of our class art project!!! Thanks for all you did for our class!!!!

Marcia Pina
First Grade Teacher, Woodland Elementary

For the past 5 years, Tustin Ranch students and parents have been thrilled with the Fine Art Express classes! The teachers are competent instructors who love their subject matter and deliver it with enthusiasm. We appreciate and highly recommend this program to you.

Marjee Ellis
Office Manager, Tustin Ranch Elementary School

Our granddaughter, Robyn, recently attended the Fine Art Express program conducted in our local elementary school. My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful art experience that Robyn had in your art class. Robyn loved the art class. She looked forward to going every week. My husband and I were so very impressed with the outstanding projects that she brought home. They were not only fun projects, but afforded her and the other children the opportunity to be creative and have a good time learning about the different styles and techniques of many different artists. We will be looking forward to your next session of Fine Art Express. Thank you again and we all had a really fun experience.

Celeste Sorensen
Grandparent, Glen Yermo Elementary

As coordinator for after school enrichment at our elementary school, I work with many providers of educational services. Fine Art Express maintains a very high degree of professionalism in their programs and their communication. They are great with the kids, and a pleasure to work with!

Diane Bucka
ACE Coordinator, Westwood Basics Plus Elementary School

Caran is the epitome of an art educator. Since her arrival at Northwood Hills, there has been an unequaled rise in the cultural level of our school. She is an expert in dealing with every type of child, no matter what type of language, cultural or learning barriers involved.

Ms. Carol Kilman
Fifth Grade Classroom Teacher, Northwood Hills Elementary School

Art has become an important part of both my children's lives, thanks to Mrs. Fahy. Thanks for offering a TOP NOTCH program.

Leslie Mertz
Parent, Northwood Hills Elementary School

The relationship created between teacher and student was enthusiastic, creative, and "lots of fun" for my two kids. The children were amazed at the achievements in drawing techniques and I recognized a lift in their self-esteem. Great program highly recommended.

Leslie La Noce
Parent, Northwood Hills Elementary School

In observing Caran's art classes, I have noticed the positive effect she has on her students' attitudes about learning. She encourages each child to develop his/her own interests and talents. Our teachers and school administrators have commented on the quality of Caran's teaching, as well as, her ability to function as a team player.

Kay Savay
Art Supervisor RISD

Art creates such a wonderful means of expression. I appreciate the direction Mrs. Fahy has given my girls to open up their world in new dimensions!

Ann L. Wessel
Parent, Northwood Hills Elementary School

During my seventeen years as Principal, I have had a minimum of twelve art teachers, and in my opinion-Caran is head and shoulders above them all. She has a natural gift for teaching both students and adults. I highly recommend her program or services as an art consultant for any school.

Jane Olson
Principal, Richland Elementary School

Mrs. Fahy taught art at our school for 7 years. Her outgoing, upbeat personality made her very popular with students, parents and staff. She was very resourceful and energetic coordinating her art lessons with themes the teachers were studying in their classrooms. As a result of her OUTSTANDING teaching and ability to recognize exemplary student art work, our school was recognized at the state level in Austin during Youth Art Month 5 years in a row...I highly recommend any program Mrs. Fahy puts together.

Everett M. Williams
Ed. D. Principal, Northwood Hills Elementary School

Caran Cope-Fahy's Fine Art Express has been an excellent after school program for our school. The students love working with the different mediums offered, and parents are impressed with the quality of the projects and the instructors! We especially like how the projects tie into the Art Master's program that we offer to our students during class time.

Deb Warren
1st V.P. Programs, Crescent Intermediate School
Anaheim Hills

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